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All SG4 Free Trial Printers will be invoiced at time of sale with approved
payment method and terms of  NET DUE 30 Days.  All orders must be secured
with a Major Credit Card or an Approved Stover Real-Time Credit Account.


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Use the printer for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied, return it to us in "good working condition” within 35 days of your purchase and there will be NO CHARGE for your printer trial.  Keep the printer beyond the 30 day trial period and pay the invoice as agreed 31 days from the initial purchase date. 


When using the SG4 in STAND ALONE mode, there are an assortment of different types of tags & labels that can be produced.  Every Stover SG4 comes standard with 27 different pre-loaded templates that offer a variety of different lines of text, barcode and pricing configurations for many of Stover's most popular tags.  It is this feature that really sets the SG4 Printer apart from others you might be considering.  Most customers are printing tags within 5 minutes of opening the box for the first time!   
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SG4 Free Printer Trial

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply to all SG4 FREE TRIAL Printer Promotions:


1. The free trial shall last for a period of 30 days only.  After the 30 day free trial, regular price for the printer will be charged.

2. All customers signing up for the free printer trial will be required to submit payment card details as part of the process, to allow automatic payments once the free trial period finishes.

3. Customers not wishing to keep the printer must cancel the Free Trial using the Free Trial Printer Return Form at least 3 days before expiration of the trail period. *Reminder emails will be sent to each customer 10 days before the trial period ends with a link to the return form.

4. Consumable products including but not limited to; thermal ribbon, print heads, thermal tags and all other Stover products are not included with the offer.  Exception: A Flexible Keyboard can be included with the Free Trial if ordered with the printer and at the same time.

5. Offer is not available for customers in all regions and countries.


6. Customer is responsible for ALL shipping costs which will be also be deferred for the trail period. 


7. Notice will be sent if payment fails for any reason. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure payment details are correct to facilitate successful transaction processing once the trial period ends. 

8. Stover reserves the right to remove or cancel the free trial offer at any time. 

9. Stover reserves the right to change the features of the free trial offer at any time. 

10. Stover’s General Terms and Conditions apply. 

11. Stover reviews all orders and reserves the right to deny or cancel free printer trials at any time and for any reason.

12. Unpaid invoices for un-returned printers will incur interest and penalty charges 15 days after the trial period ends. 

PLEASE CALL ROB @ 855-246-3227 

to confirm your payment method !


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