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NiceLabel V.10   Designer Pro
  • NiceLabel V.10 Designer Pro

    SKU: NLDP_V.10

    Designer Pro reimagined: Designer Pro V.10


    Designer Pro 2017 delivers new levels of functionality and simplicity. Even first time users can design professional labels in minutes. Setting up dynamic data such as variables, functions and database has never been easier.


    Designer Pro 2017 allows the designer to customize the all-in-one print form to further streamline the print process or optimize for touch screens to further increase print productivity.


    Designer Pro 2017 offers more licensing flexibility with the new multi-user edition. The multi-user edition can be used on any number of workstations. The multi-user license only limits the amount of printers, not the number of users. Next-generation licensing technology does not require the use of a license manager or separate server, it just works without any configuration or maintenance.




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