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Stover Manufacturing, LLC was created in September of 2012 with the purpose of bringing innovative efficiencies to the production of nursery labels thereby being able to give better customer service in filling orders for plant tags and labels. This includes new ideas for the thermal printers currently being used for printing plant labels in the horticultural industry. Namesake Gary Stover modified the first thermal printer for use in the horticultural industry almost 20 years ago. With Stover Manufacturing, Gary is once again providing cutting edge technology to printing plant tags currently being used by growers and retailer of nursery stock. The unique new opportunities this printer’s operating system offers the nursery industry has been long awaited and is now a reality.


Gary Stover and Robert Grooms, along with other plant label production veterans now have in place the newest and most innovative nursery tag production equipment that is currently available. The experienced personnel assembled at Stover Manufacturing is dedicated to delivering the highest quality plant labels for the horticultural industry from their production facility in Port Orange, Florida. Along with their experience in the production of plant labels, they also know from their years of service in the nursery industry what plant tags need to be produced and put into inventory in advance of the busy season so that customers can get plant tags from Stover in one day’s time from the date the order is received by Stover Manufacturing.


No matter the size of your organization, trust our years of experience to guide your company to top quality nursery tags and plant labels.

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