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Modified Thermal Printers For Horticulture Application

Stover Manufacturing presents the SM6.0 and SM8.5  modified thermal transfer printers. The SM6.0 features an unprecedented printing speed, with heavy-duty construction to make this thermal printer one of a kind in its class. The SM8.5 printer boasts a printable area of 8.5 inches side to side while having the footprint and size of a smaller thermal printer. Both printers can print on pot stakes with ease, while also printing lighter materials such as adhesive stickers or wrap around tags with NO ADJUSTMENT NEEDED.

The SG4 System boasts on-board software and the ability to print labels without need to connect the printer to a PC!  Get FREE SOFTWARE with every SG4 purchase to enable endless template options.  Add the available WiFi adapter and wireless print from your cell phone or other wireless device.


  • 2 Years Parts & Labor

  • Toll-Free Tech Support

  • Hot-Swap Optional Coverage

  • Installation and Training Online


Printer Support

Visit Our Real-Time
Support Center
Stover has the experience to service many different thermal printer models.  
We offer operator training for ALL printers we sell.  

Product Compatibility Is Key !!

Digitally Transform Your Entire Labeling Process

Quickly design and print bar-code labels without IT help
Design and maintain customer-specific or regulatory-compliant label templates in no time – with our Label Designer. It delivers a familiar, Microsoft Word-like user experience, meaning users can quickly design professional labels without barcoding knowledge, design layout expertise or advanced computer skills. Use one of the pre-designed label templates or create one from scratch in minutes, even if you have never designed a label before.

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    Commercial Financing Options

    For Printer & Tag Systems Over $5000

    What Are The Benefits of
    Commercial Financing?
    • Flexible, fast, transparent underwriting
    • 24-60-month terms
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Fixed Term Financing
    Allow your equipment (and tag inventory) to generate revenue and pay for itself while taking full advantage of the tax deductions (Section 179) available on commercial loans.  In turn, this will allow you to have the asset on your balance sheet, maintain cash reserves in your bank account, and help build your business’s credit rating.
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