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New "Quick Start Guide" Available April 1

SM425 Quick Start Guide

Stover's new SM425 Quick Start Guide is an comprehensive 24 page resource for all thermal operators using this printer. We have packed this guide with everything you will want to know about how to setup and work with your new SM425 thermal printer.

Topics covered are:

  • Shipping Check List

  • Tag Stock Installation

  • Ribbon Installation

  • Printer Settings

  • Sensor Placement

  • Test Feeding

  • Comprehensive Trouble Shooting Guide

These premium printed Quick Start Guides will start shipping with all new printers on April 1st but if you already have a printer and would like to download your own PDF copy, simply CLICK HERE to get your digital copy now!

If you would prefer to have a printed copy, just give Jeff a call at (855) 246-3227 and ask him to send you a free printed copy today!

Thank You
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