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Modified Label Re-winders
  • Modified Label Re-winders

    SKU: LBRW-T30

    The Rewinder Everyone Can Use
    The T-Series rewinders have an idler arm that can be positioned to rewind labels from either side of the printer. Depending on the user's requirements, the T-Series can rewind "inside or outside11 label rolls. 


    •    Can be used with all thermal printers.
    •    Supports inside and outside label rewinding.
    •    Stylish appearance plus a rugged design for long-term reliability.
    •    Colored LED indicator provides rewinder operation status.
    •    Support three Core Size: l" (25.2 mm - 25.6 mm), 1.5" (40 mm - 40.6 mm) and 311 (76 mm - 76.6              mm); Core and careless kits included.